It has been a while

I am sorry for not keeping my blog up to date, So I will share some things I been doing, besides of working at a Job that my body feels like it is getting too sore to work much longer there. I am sure some of you know what I mean.

I have been trying to get my book out there by facebook, twitter, and a few other places, It is true what I have heard that its hard to get your work out there for people to check out, I even passed out a few free copies of my book to people. And business cards of my book. I know it will take some time  for people to know about my book,

But it would be nice  to at least to see some good reviews, If anybody has any ideas on ways I can get my book out there ,let me know. Also if there are any people that do Youtube videos maybe you can share my amazon book link to other.

There is something else I like to share, I have made Youtube videos mostly of streaming PC games. if you would be so kind to share that link with others, that would be great, I will share the links below here, and thanks.