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1 Getting my first book done and out there, Jake Shepard-The Deadliest Threat

2 Book 2 second part of the first book, Sarah Morgan-The Transformation

3 Book 3 Run with the Dead

4 Book 4 Eclipse of the Dragon

5 Book 5 What Monsters Fear

6 Book 6 More Deadly Threats


Just to let you all know the title I thought of so far might change the more I get into writing more of each story. My first book is so close to getting done that I am very excited about it and I think that you all will enjoy it as much as I have.

I am not an artist and do not have hardly any skills in drawing but last night I wanted to draw what my first book describes not every thing but enough for you to understand the main parts, so far I just did two drawing but I think it would let you see at least a few pages from my story, of what Jake sees.

Remember I am not an artist but I did the best I could when I work on it a little more I will try and post it on this blog for you all to see.