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new beginning

I like to share with all of you that reads my blog, I am planning on moving in the next month to start over in a new place and a new state, the place I am planning on moving to is in Louisville Ky.  I have been looking for an apartment that has things close buy like stores, etc. I looked in a different state then ended in Kentucky Louisville. from what I can tell it is a nice place to live and the apartment I have been looking at are at least 3 stars and less than 600 a month. if anybody lives there drop me a message and let chat.  I know it has been a while since I put anything here, but I will try to write more once I get my new place. thanks for reading.

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You Are Entitled


Yesterday, a friend posted this meme on Facebook.


And in a way, I agree.

It aggravates me (like it probably aggravates everyone) to hear people complain that Life is not fair.

No. Life is not fair.

Sometimes you don’t get the job, even though you deserve it. Sometimes your marriage ends even though you gave it your best. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. And sometimes, good things happen to bad people.

Sometimes you have a right to complain your ass off. Cheating and discrimination and abuse should be exposed. By screaming.

But sometimes people bitch about trivial shit that – although certainly unfair – is just too bad. Just suck it up.

Someone cut in line and got waited on first. Someone got praised at the office for work that you did. Someone happened to be born richer than you.

Suck it up.

So, yeah, in some ways, …

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