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Christmas List

This is for fun,  First I like to make a small list of things I like for Christmas and then I like you to do the same just a few things.

first the basics, some socks, yes socks lol

xl t-shirts white Hanes I think is the best brand

xl men’s long robe darker colors

ps4 webcam

a few ps4 RPG games sound good and fun.

Ok that is about it now I like to know what you would like to have let me know


I think people do this for fun when they teach their kids about Santa, but if you think about it, you are giving a fake guy credit of the hard work you do to get gifts for your kids. I did the Santa thing when I was a little kid so I know how fun it is but I think the kids would have just as much fun if the knew the gifts were from you as well,  this is my thoughts on this what is yours?

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The old hotel – 100 words

Stories from the Heart

A short post to share the ‘ghost themed’ story I entered into a 100 word competition last month.  I didn’t win, but here it is, just for fun!

Everyone in town thinks the hotel is haunted, but I disagree.  That’s why I’m staying here tonight.

Gone midnight, still awake.  Creaks rattle around the echoey room, but I’m fine.  There’s no such thing as ghosts.

My bathroom door slams and I leap into the air.  I’m startled, not scared, it’s someone’s idea of a joke.  I’ll get them back.

Silence cocoons me as I approach, intending to burst inside, but before I get there, the door flies open and a piercing cackle flies through me, hitting the wall with a thud.

Now I’m scared.

I run and scream, “ghost!”

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I don’t remember the last post I did myself here, but I like to try and do more on here.

The first thing I like to share is one of my hobbies, I like gaming as in trying to stream games on Twitch or YouTube. there are a few games I really enjoy playing, one is called Kenshi, then there is Path of Exile, Magicka, these are on my pc, but I play Fallout 4 on my ps4 mostly on youtube.  what type of games do you enjoy? and tell me some of your hobbies.

I have two or three tabletop game never been played, I would like to find people in my area that we could get together and start our own tabletop dungeon and dragon games. but the play I know of is too far away and they only do it on days I work so you can see the problem. any thought would be great on what to do.

I have been streaming for over two years but off and on but I want to do better where I can get more people watching and chatting with me. It is a good feeling seeing people watching your stream and talking with you about different things.

Tell me some of the things you like and why.

oh in case one day you like to check out my streaming my youtube and twitch line is

If you have any thought on how I can stream better let me know, thanks