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Who am I?

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This isn’t going to be a philosophical debate on self-concepts or creative reasoning – I literally just want to tell you a little bit about myself (and I know how much you’ve all been dying to get to know me). To think that I’ve been blogging for close to two years now, and I have never properly introduced myself! Now that I think about it, I never even bothered with an ‘Introductory Blog post’, though I’m glad I never did as I would have only embarrassed myself:

Hey Everyone! My name is Milly, and welcome to my blog! I’m so excited to start blogging, Isn’t blogging just great?? So the other day I was thinking…

Some of you may know me as the most rejected writer on the planet, the crazy cat lady who loves cat gifs, the quintessential non-bogan Aussie writer, that sarcastic ‘blonde girl’, the idiot who blogs about the wonders of…

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I am a part time gamer ,married,and a newbie writer. also this is my first real blog. If you want to know something about me just ask.

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