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The Reason For My Blog

I made this blog not only to talk about my book at times but to also share other peoples blog post that I like and think that other people would enjoy as well. My blog might not look as good as others that I have seen, some looked neat and amazing,

sometimes I might share some thoughts to share and get feedback from other people, or just to get it out there for people to just read. so now I like to share this with all of you.

I have been working on my first book for about two years, I have hired a number of editors,ghostwriter to go over my book to make it better then when I first wrote my book and each time it does get better at least to me, now let me try to explain I don’t have the know how in understanding the different way to write such as making a sentence look and sound amazing like a lot of you authors have your books look and read. I do not know if you understand what I mean.  is there ever a time that your book is going enough to get out there?  will you always find someone that would find mistakes that you miss.  I want my book to be the best it can be, and I know you all want the same with your book. I have known a few people that had started about the same time as I did with my book and now they are working on their 2nd and 3rd book and already have 1 and 2 of their books out. I have been working on a few other books but not as much as a lot of writers has been.

I wanted to share all of this with all of you. They say that after the writing is done the hardest thing is getting your book out there to everybody. if that is the case I am in trouble because to me right now this is so far the hardest

If you like to leave a comment about this blog to help me even if it is a few kind work. that would be great.



I am a part time gamer ,married,and a newbie writer. also this is my first real blog. If you want to know something about me just ask.

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