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The First Day Of School!

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In honor of the new school year, here’s a post from five years ago:


When I was a kid, do you know what my favorite day of the year was?

Yeah, okay, Christmas. (Good guess.) After all, I was a little girl who loved dolls and clothes and anything wrapped up. And unwrapping stuff. And tree-trimming and angel decorations. And parties and singing. And staying up late and getting up early. And Christmas lights, and cards in the mail. And tiny hot dogs wrapped in dough. And cookies. And having my hair curled. And money.  And pie.

That’s pretty hard to beat.

So you do know what my second favorite day was?

The first day of school.

I loved summer – long hot days filled with swimming and biking, and warm evenings with night-time hide-and-seek and fireflies and the ice cream man and late bedtimes.

But by…

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I like to add this, to let those that draw and like to share your work, also I would like to find someone who likes to draw things for me. If you like the practice or like to help, let me know and we can talk about it. let me share one of the things I like you to draw but different from the pic I have here.


Let me know if you would like to help. thanks again

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Book Review Sunday: “She Dies at the End” by A.M. Manay @ammanay

Kim's Musings


In addition to her work as an award-winning indie author of supernatural new adult fantasy, A.M. Manay is a former inner-city chemistry teacher, a singer, a yoga enthusiast, and a mother through domestic open adoption. She has a passion for increasing diversity in popular culture and for strong heroines who stand up for themselves, make their own decisions, and don’t depend on romance as their reason for being.

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Bronze medalist in the Reader’s Favorite Book Awards
Finalist in the IAN Book of the Year Awards

November Snow has seen her own burial a thousand times. It is the only thing she knows about her future.

In a war amongst vampires and fairies, a small advantage can mean the difference…

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Random act of kindness Friday 17: Fairy tales and puppy dog tails

The Art of Being Fabulous

dress up

Happy Friday! It’s number 17 for my random acts of kindness Fridays. I’m not sure why I included puppy dog tails in my title, but it must be something from childhood that popped into my head. Note that I haven’t had my coffee today so I may veer off topic once in a while. Two people inspired today’s random act of kindness. One is my niece who asked this week if I could organize some time to play dress up with her, and the other was from a post on Instagram from one of my friends who asked if you’re ever too old for fairy tales. We both feel the answer is no!

So, in the spirit of fairy tales and puppy dog tails, today I’m going to be kind to myself and take some time out to relax and do some visualization (I wrote tips about how to do…

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How it Started

This is the first page of my story, how it all started for Jake Shepard- The Deadliest Threat.

It was a dark, cloudy night in February when everything changed. I made my way down the same quiet street that I always do, nothing seeming out of the ordinary. It’s relatively late, and the streetlights above cast a dim light, making it difficult to see more than a few feet ahead. I make my way to the Cracker Barrel where I work as an overnight maintenance man, cleaning up and completing minor repairs when needed. I’m the only one there at night, and it can be pretty boring there with no one to talk to, so I wasn’t in any hurry.

As I made my slow walk, completely lost in thought, I heard a strange noise coming from the woods. Its low hum reminded me of electricity, and the continuous vibrancy captivated my attention. It felt like it was drawing me towards it. I looked around, trying to find the source of the sound when I saw a glow of shining lights, dim and changing colors like a chameleon. The brightness cast through the trees was a stark contrast to the darkness around it. What is that? I wondered. The longer I looked at it, the harder it was to keep walking. I had to know what it was. I decided to check it out.

I start my trek into the creepy woods, heading for the lights. The quiet of the forest was eerie, the only sounds coming from the fallen branches snapping under my shoes. The closer that I get, the more I can see the outline of the glowing object. Its spherical in shape and seems to be hovering above the ground. My whole body wants to move towards it. Every cell is screaming for me to go to the orb. I clumsily run through the trees until I’m right in front of it. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The thing before me was something which I cannot specifically describe. It was strange, and I had to brush the frosty leaves to the side of me to see it clearly.

In a small clearing of trees, there was a small ball of water, about the size of a basketball, completely suspended in the air; it glowed blue, then green and back again. It was mesmerizing, and I could feel it beckoning me, drawing me even closer to it. It was so beautiful and the longer that I looked at it, the more I needed to touch it. I reached out my hand and pressed it against the silky surface.

The ball exploded, covering me in a lukewarm, glowing liquid. It startled me, causing me to stagger back and fall to the ground. I felt a sharp pain in my hand, and as I raised it to my face, I noticed a jagged stick protruding from my palm. I quickly pulled it out and got to my feet. Oh crap. What am I going to do now? I have a huge gash in my hand, and it’s still going to take me a while to get to work

Let me know what you think and if there is anything I can do to make it even better. thanks

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Caught In The Backlash.

I discovered I am exceptionally bad at something yesterday.

What was ment to be a prank on my daughter backfired drastically. It all began while I was drying the pots that she washed….

Being the big child that I am, I decided it would be fun to whack her bottom with the tea towel.

I carefully wound it then let it rip, and totally failed. It flayed towards her with nothing more than a breeze.

While my daughter laughed I debated why it hadn’t worked and decided, perhaps the towel needed to be wet. So, a few pots later, when the towel was drenched, I tried again.

With flicks of my wrist, I would it, then I let it fly.

It turns out a wet towel does have more effect. Unfortunately, it also turns out that some skill is required in the manipulation of said towel.

I came to this…

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One Of A Kind Mermaid!


Floating Mermaid – Hand Embellished Print -Original Watercolor ©Carolina Russo

Today Special!!!
I have ONE print ready of my watercolor painting “Floating Mermaid”and Today I wanted to create something very special for you that love and follow my Art journey! This morning I have been working on it! I have “Hand Embellished” this print with gold ink and I added a new element, the “Crown” to the mermaid, which you don’t find it on the original painting!

Floating Mermaid – Hand Embellished Print -Original Watercolor ©Carolina Russo

This print  would be a One Of A Kind!!! For One lucky Collector!

❤️It is available only Today and Tomorrow until 12 pm pacific time here on my Blog! It is also posted on my Instagram @carolinarussoart for the special price of $30 and Free Shipping within USA! I don’t usually sell my hand embellished prints at this price so if you really would…

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Viewing the Eclipse by Looking Down!

Very cool

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

While everyone else looked up in the sky, I looked down and made an amazing discovery.

When I learned the total eclipse could be experienced by traveling for under three hours to Wyoming, I mapped it out. Predicted traffic woes changed my view. I decided to stay in my own backyard. Experts explained that even with 94% of the sun blocked out, 6% would be enough to ruin the blackout effect. They were right and yet I discovered something else by looking down.

First I setup my camera since I wanted to record anything weird that happened, like a freak migration of owls or a coyote stampede. When that didn’t happen, I slacklined during the beginning of the eclipse.

FullSizeRender (56)

I couldn’t view anything in those black lenses, so I kept my head up for once.

Note to Self: Wear blackout shades when slacklining from now on.

The scientists were right and…

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