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Build Your Mailchimp Email List with a Popup Form


Some of you use Mailchimp for your email lists. Did you know that you can add a Subscriber Popup Form so your readers can subscribe right from your site?

See the Mailchimp Subscriber Popup Form in action on two great sites we’ve featured in the past: the blog of writer Ann Cavitt Fisher and the arts and crafts blog of Michelle Embury and Kirby Feagan, Glü. When you visit either site for the first time, a popup form will appear on top of the front page.

What does a popup form look like?

Ann displays a simple popup with three fields to collect information: the email addresses and first and last names of the people who visit her site.

Over at Glü, Michelle and Kirby boldly display their site logo on the left side of the form, which reinforces their brand and visual style. In this case, they collect…

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