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Need help and advice

My book is almost done being edited, and I would like to let people know about it before and after it is done. So when someone asks you, what is your book about, what would you say to them in just a few sentence about your book. This might give me ideas on what to say to them. I hope a few of you can let me know and this might also help other people out as well. thanks

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Tabletop Games

I am looking for people in my area that like to play dungeon and dragon type of board games. And a person that can teach and knows how to be a DM. People that would like to get together and play a few times a week. I live in Chattanooga area. if you would like to start up a small group of people to do something like this let me know. Plus it would be nice to find some people also that would like to talk about being an author and help each other out. let me know if there are anyone that would like this idea. thanks for your time.

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An angel

I really enjoy what your wrote and the drawing

Life is all about PAIN

Each night she sleeps
With a wish to wake up
As an angel

An angel who is kind
An angel who helps
An angel who smiles
An angel who heals

She wakes up in the morning
Not as an angel but only human
No, she wasnt an angel

She had no wings
She had no magic
She knew no chants
She had no divine powers

There she stood
Infront of the mirror
Her image smiled
Just with her one smile !

Oh wow!
She was an angel…

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