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#BlogBattle 20: May 23rd “Restraint” Entries & a Farewell


Hey Friends! Participation has dwindled down to almost nil, so I’m considering shutting Blog Battle down entirely. I’ll take a week or two to decide, since I don’t like to rush into anything until I’ve thought about it a minute.

I just want to say how much I have loved writing with you all. I’m thinking I’ll eventually start a different prompt, but it will be focused on other aspects of writing and not necessarily about sharing or competitions.

My goal is always to encourage and inspire my fellow writers, so that’s what I’ll monkey around with, I think.

But like I said, I am still in the process of making the decision to let it go (I bet you’re singing the song in your head now too…). Haha Actually, this is me admitting to myself that I’m going to have to let Blog Battle go to make room for…

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The way I write

I do not have much of an education, just part of High School. Even though I wrote my first book, I had to get it rewritten like a ghostwriter and editor. I think that my stories are good and wanting to share them with other is something that I like to do. People told me that I should take courses online or other but when I look into it, to me it just seems so hard for me to understand the different ways to write, too hard to explain here. I think that is why it has taking me so long to get my first book out there. when I finally do get my book out there, it will be much better then my first try, I was in such a hurry and got it out there a while ago and notice that it needed a lot of work so I took it offline to redo it. but I am hoping that this time it will be a great read. to me, I think that the story is a great read. when it finally get out I will let you all know hope it will be the end of this month.