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Chapter 2 of my Book


Well, its night time again. So dark and quiet brightened by the stars in the sky. I gave my wife a tenderly good night kiss and headed off to work. After walking a little away from home, I decided to start jogging, so about 200 to 300 yards of jogging, I felt my heart racing and I was starting to breathe heavy, a little further maybe another 100 yards I was more out of breath, I was about to stop jogging, but a warm tingle ran all over my body. Then a few seconds later my heartbeat went back to normal and I was breathing normal, it was like I wasn’t even jogging.

So I kept jogging, I wasn’t even tired, I decided to run faster, maybe at my full speed, I ran about half of a mile, not even out of breath and my heart beat remains normal like I was just walking, I decided to stop and started to walk, I didn’t want to get to work so fast. I don’t want to get to work too early, so I was close to Wendy’s, so I stopped in there and waited a bit before I head on to work. I got myself some tea and had a seat. A minute later or so, some guys came in laughing and talking a little loud, there were two women in front of them placing their order. One of the guys was telling his buddy that he wished that the girls would order him to eat. The girls got their food and went and sat down a few tables away from me. The guys got their order and went to set down next to the table of the girls, looking at them and laughing.

I could tell the guys were drunk. One of the guys that were doing the talking asked one of the girls to sit on his lap and talk about the first thing that pops up. But his bud was asking him not be talking like that but the rude guy played it off. And start talking again to the girls. The two girls got up to leave and the rude guy grabbed the girl by the hand. I had to say something, so I said to the rude guy, how about letting the girl go and listen to you buddy, he was only trying to help you. The rude guy stood up and pointed at me and said shut your fracking mouth and mined your own damn business. I have seen enough to know or believe that talking won’t work with this guy, so I asked him to step outside. The guy lets go of the girl and said OK.

I got up headed to the counter and asked the cashier to called the police, I thought to myself I really don’t want to go outside being a little nerves and went outside. The two guys were waiting for me. But one of the guys was trying to get his rude friend to leave before the cops arrive. I told the other guy that the police are coming, he should take his friend home, just as I said that the rude guy swung at me and hit me on the side of the head. I went down and hit the sidewalk with my head. Hitting the sidewalk with my head I felt throbbing pain, but strangely I didn’t feel the guys punch.

As I was getting back up I felt a tingle run through me and also felt a warm wetness running down my face when I got to my feet, the tingle was gone and the pain of hitting my head on the sidewalk was gone as well and the rude guy punched me again. But this time I was ready and just moved out of the way of his punch. The guy’s friend grabbed him and said, let get out of here. The rude guy jerked lose and went for another hit at me, this time, I grabbed his fist and squeezed a little tight, I thought I heard cracking sound, the guy jerked his fist way,

Then the rude guy stepped back from me and grabbed his fist that I grabbed and yelled shit, I think you broke my fracking hand. His friend grabbed him again and started to run to their car, just before they got to the car the police pulled up. The two girls ran outside and went to the police and said something to them. The two cops got out of their car and walked to the two guys, the girls walked to me and ask if I was OK, I said, I am fine, thank you. Then one girl said I was bleeding, I said I will wash up in the bathroom, will be back shortly.

When I got in the bathroom I washed the blood off my face, again there was no wound. Well, it’s time to head to work, while I was walking out of Wendy; some of the cops stopped me and asked if I was OK. I am fine thanks, I replied. The cop told me what the girls said and asked me if I wanted to press charges. Whatever the girls want you to do is enough for me.

By that time the girls came over and thanked me for my help, I said thank God for his help. Then one of the girls said I thought you were cut. I said no, it was a nose bleed but I am fine now. Thanks. I asked the cop if I could go now because I have to get to work. He said yes thank you for your time. So I headed off to work. I will try and keep a journal of the events of things that is different for me and not a minute by minute, but daily thing I do every day that is special.

My work night has gone by fast, nothing has happened, most of the night but one of the last things I had to do was, shovel out the fireplace of the ashes and hot chunks of wood into a metal can. While I was shoveling, I didn’t notice a piece of hot coal landed on my shoe until I felt a burning on my foot. I looked down and seen smoke coming from my shoe. By the time I untied my shoe I felt a warm tingle all over me for a few seconds. And by the time I got my shoe off and looked at my foot through my sock where the coal burned through it. I felt no pain anymore and it wasn’t even red. So I put my shoe back on before anyone would notice what has happened. I finished my work and started home after I clocked out.

I decided to jog home without stopping for me to get home faster. Little ways from work I switched jogging to running, not even breathing hard. I went the back way home, it was a shorter route to get home in no time, it might take a few minutes off my trip .five minutes later I was about half way home. There was a long hill that I walked up most of the night home, that most of the time makes me a little tired just walking up on it, this time running up to it not even breathing hard or even tired. And my heart isn’t even racing hard, it was just normal after all this running.

I know this just can not be normal, but I think it was pretty cool to do this without getting tired. Just as I was running down the hill and around I heard people shouting, when I got closer, I slowed down to a jog, then I saw the people just down the road in their yard pointing at their house , but this time I can hear what they are saying. This man was yelling she was still in the house, the man was coughing while shouting to the woman whom I thought they were husband and wife and she had a little boy in her arms, but by the time I approached some people came up and asked them what was going on.

Their house was on fire and I can see smoke coming out of it. They told the people that their daughter was still in there. I asked where exactly she was in the house. The woman said straight through the door follow the hallway the second door on the right. What is her name I asked? The man was about to go with me but I said no, you stay here with your wife and kid and call the firefighter, he told me that they have been called already.

I will try and get your daughter and I will be right back. So I ran into the house, it was hard to see through the smoke half way in , I follow the direction that the woman said but this time, I was coughing and eyes was burning from the smoke just then I felt a warm tingle run through me and a few seconds later just as I was about to get to the daughter door I stop coughing and my eyes weren’t burning , and I notice that even though I was around fire I didn’t feel any heat, at first it was hard to breathe in this smoke but now I was breathing normally like there was no smoke.

Parts of the house I went through I have seen flames, just as I grabbed the door knob and turn it to open it, I found out that it was locked I hit the door with my shoulder and nothing happen but just the pain in my shoulder from hitting the door, I thought I heard my shoulder pop, but then the tingle ran through me and the pain was gone in a second, then I did it again but this time the door slammed opened, I am here to help.

There was no answer, I saw the daughter on the floor coughing, so I grabbed a blanket off the bed and put it on her and picked her up, she must have been about 15 or so. We headed for the bedroom door and looked down the hallway engulfed in flames just as I turned toward the window there was an explosion behind me and from the explosion we were knocked through the window behind of the house, Hitting the ground I could feel my back in pain and wet, the pain was gone in a few second after the tingle came and gone. By that time the fire truck was pulling up. I took the young girl to her parents, and put her down; I notice my sleeve was burnt way where I could see part of my arm from the burnt sleeve, some of the firemen rushed to the family and some to the fire. It

look like the firemen that were checking out the family had a few small tanks of fresh air to give the family, asking them if they were OK and if there were anyone else in the house, the dad said no thanks to this guy, talking about me.

The wife hugged me and thanked me for saving their daughter. I said you are welcome. One of the firemen looked at my sleeve that was on fire and rushed to me and put it out and asked if I was OK and If need any help, I said I am fine just take care of that family. About a minute later everybody was busy with the fire and family, I backed away and left, headed back home, and I didn’t want to stick around. About 5 minutes later I made it home.

I took off most of my clothes before I went into the house, and left it outside. I did the things I normally do, shower, and feed the dog. Mess with my PC a bit, then off to bed. While I was laying there, I was thinking on thing to do that could help me get stronger, like push-ups, weights, things like that just to see if it will make me stronger. Then I felt asleep, about 6 hours later I felt refreshed, got up, made some coffee, and had some lunch with my wife while we talked a little about her night and part of her day.

About an hour later I decided to start on some push-up, I got up to about 10 and it was hard to get to 11. I almost didn’t get 11 push-ups, but then I had a tingle run through me. And then I was doing push-ups like it was nothing, I did 20, 30 when I hit 40 and wasn’t even tired or sore. I decided to stop there. I wanted to try something else; I have a 30-pound weight made of cast iron.

I wanted to try and hold the weight straight out to my side and even with my shoulder, at first I held it for about 5 seconds, then it started to go down lower and lower, a little bit longer then it was about half way down. Then the warm tingle went through my body and my arm went up even with my shoulder like I wasn’t even holding any weights.

A few minutes later not even tired or sore I decided to stop and tried something heavier. There are a few bricks outside. So I decided to do the same thing with two of them at the same time. The same thing happened, I held them out for a short time until, the tingle went through me and then, it was like I wasn’t even holding any brick. It was over 40 pounds. I think that is all I am going to do for today, but maybe tonight at work I will try something heavier.

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