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The First Chapter of my Book


It was a few nights ago in the month of February, under the dark, cloudy and cold atmosphere when it all started. I set off to work, walking down the quiet street which has been my duty most of the time. It was fairly late, and there was a little light from the streetlights overhead. I worked as an overnight maintenance guy for Cracker Barrel so I was not in a hurry for work. And as I walked along, lost in thought, suddenly, I heard a low pitch sound coming from the wood which sounded almost like a hum of electricity. The continuous vibrancy of the sound captivated my attention towards it. I looked and I saw a glow of shining lights in the darkness, dim and changing colors like a chameleon. So, I finally decided to check it out.

Just as I was approaching the creepy woods, I looked straight towards the direction of lights, which later turn out to be blue and green. Getting closer, I saw the lights were being produced by something which I cannot specifically describe. It was definitely strange. I had to brush the leaves for me to see clearly, and I saw lights coming from something that looked like a ball of water but was not contained in any container. It was beckoning and drawing me closer to touch. And so I touched.

Just as the ball exploded, I was suddenly covered with faintly warm glowing water. I was star dulled enough to make me fall back staggered and hit the ground. I immediately felt a sharp pain in my hand and as I raised my hand I noticed a sharp stick was sticking out of my hand, without hesitation, I quickly pull it out while I was getting back on my feet. I was thinking to myself oh crap what am I going to do now, And then I felt a warm tingling all over me for a few seconds, which was later gone within a twinkle of an eye and so also was the sharp pain in my hand. I looked down where the stick was in my hand and there were no wound, not even a scratch. I decided that was enough freakishness for one night, and walked out of the woods all the way to work.

The thought of the incident pervaded my mind. And I began to ask myself the following rhetorical questions. Did I really saw the glowing ball? Did it really spay on me? For so long I thought of getting over it and just go on. I got to work as usual like every other night. After everyone had left, I started to clean the place up like I always do.

At one point of the night, I was pulling out a full trash bag out of its can and the bottom was about to rip opened, just out of reflex I grabbed the bottom of the bag with my left hand. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the broken pieces of glass, but I felt it. I jerk my hand away but before I knew what was happening, the glass had already sliced my hand. So I dropped the bag, and I looked at my hand, it looked deep and very bloody my heart was racing.

I was getting a little scared about the cut, so I went to the sink to wash the wound with some hand soap. As I was washing my hand I felt a warm tingle all over me for a few seconds then it was gone. I got some paper towels to dry my hands, but to my surprise, when I looked at the cut on my hand again, I was so amazed and relieved to discover that there was no cut or pain there anymore.

Vanished I guessed, I could not believe my eyes at first because I knew there was a deep cut there a few seconds ago. What has happened to me? The glowing liquid ball of mist must have done something to me. It seems like I can be healed in a few seconds, now how cool was that I thought to myself. But I don’t want to try and hurt myself just to see if I can heal in a few seconds. So I decided to just finish my work and think about other things.

Steadily as the night went by fast like a moving trail, the next shift came in around 5a.m to start their work. So it was time for me to head out to finish up outside. I clocked out to go home. Around 5:40a.m, I got done and headed home.

On the way home, I stopped by a small store which looks like a meaning supermarket to get some drinks to take home with me, as I entered the store and walked to the back of the store where the drinks were, I heard some guys rushed in and started yelling at the cashier. Give us all the money!

I ducked down and looked around the corner and saw two guys wearing masks. I was a little scared at first, As I looked around I saw a large can of soup on one of the shelves, so I grabbed it to throw at one of the guys. The guys were yelling at the cashier to hurry up or he would be shot. I raised up in anger and yelled at the guys, as they turned toward me, one of the guys shot towards me just as I threw the metal soup can towards him with the bullet been shot at me.

As I was being knocked back from the bullet hitting me I felt a burning in my shoulder and saw the soup can hitting the guys with the gun right in his head. We both fell down to the ground; his buddy grabbed his friend and dragged off out the door cowardly. As I was getting back to my feet, I felt the warm tingle ran through me again. I quickly looked at my shoulder where I was hit; there was a hole in my shirt with a little blood around it. But no wound was found and I didn’t felt the pain from the bullet anymore.

Grabbing my jacket around my waist I put it on to cover the blood on my shirt, Just then I heard yelling outside, the voices said, “drop your weapons and get down on the ground’’. About a minute, one of the cops came into checked things out, by that time; I was at the front of the store buying my drinks.

The officer asked us a few questions to see if we were OK. A little bit later, I was able to go home. About 20 minutes later I was home. It has been a strange night for me so far. But it’s something I had to keep to myself for now. I will keep up with the strange or different thing that might happen to me for now on or at least for a while. A little bit after I got home I did a few things before I took a shower, when I took off my glasses for my shower I notice my sight didn’t get blurred.

It was like I still had my glasses on, but even better. Got done with my shower and got out to dry myself off, and I notice that the scares that were on me before weren’t there anymore. I looked at my forehead and my hand that had scares but there was none.

Whatever happened to me it must have healed as well. I concluded. I thought to myself nothing I can do about this now so time to get some sleep. I woke up with no pain in my back and neck, like I do most of the time. Whatever is happening to me I would like to keep it a secret at least for now from my family. After all, I don’t think they would believe me if I told them without a proof.

I was thinking about doing some tests on what I can do, but I will just wait for now to see what happens later. It was just a normal day and it went by fast like most days.

I hope you enjoy the little bit I put down here , If you like to know more just go to my amazon site



I am a part time gamer ,married,and a newbie writer. also this is my first real blog. If you want to know something about me just ask.

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