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Why My Book

Why Should you Buy My Book

Reason 1 This book is in a first person view , so I puts you into the story.

Reason 2 This book tells about things that does happen in real life and things that can happen in real life at least that is what I believe.

Reason 3 This book has action, adventure, and secrets.

Reason 4 This book has took me more then a year to write and I am excited to share it with you all.

Reason 5 This book is a great price and you can find it on Amazon, Good read , and barns and noble.

If you want to enjoy my first book go to amazon or the other place I have listed and look up Jake Shepard – The Deadliest Threat or just click this link…



I am a part time gamer ,married,and a newbie writer. also this is my first real blog. If you want to know something about me just ask.

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