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Different things about my book

Who would like to check out a new Sci-fi adventure book from a new Author.

This book is based on Things that can happen in real like to the Author way of thinking, when you read the book in a first person view of event for Jake Shepard, I am sure you will understand how this can happen , that is if you are the type of person that looks a little outside of the box. There are a lot of story’s with vampires,werewolf and other mythic creature. But this story looks at it a different way, it is full of action, terror, and action. So if you are into a story that is different and exciting to read go to

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Bear-like Creature

Physical description

  • The creature looks like a bear, but unlike a bear, it has front limbs that resemble huge arms and end in huge bear like paws that have big black claws. For hind limbs, the creature has bear-like hind limbs which enable the creature to stand up like a bear would.
  • On the back of the creature, the creature is covered in skin that looks rock-like, like the side of a cliff. Its back is covered from the top of the head all the way to its tail bone with the rock-like scales. The skin is gray in color. The creature also has a short tail.
  • On the front, the creature is covered with light fur all over it that is also gray in color.
  • For a head, the creature’s head resembles that of a bear. However, instead of a mouth that has a top and bottom jaw, it has three jaws. The bottom jaw is intact, while it has two additional jaws that open sideways, which gives it the ability to open up its mouth in three different ways.
  • Its mouth is filled with sharp, saw-like jagged teeth on the side as well as the bottom jaws.
  • For size, the creature is almost the size of a bear, preferably a black bear but slightly longer than it. When on its hind limbs, the creature is almost twice the height of a black bear.
  • The creature prefers to walk on all four limbs.
  • In additional to being grey in color, the creature also has camouflage abilities where it can adjust its color according to the surroundings, which makes it blend.

Alpha creature

In addition to the aforementioned creatures, there is an alpha creature. Here is its description:

  • It possesses all the physical qualities of the creature such as the color and physique. However, it is five times the size of the other creatures. Also, when it opens its mouth sideways, it is at least 3 feet wide and its mouth is also filled with sharp razor-like teeth.

Possible scenarios

The small creatures go out hunting into the suburbs and bring back any creature that they find, in this case human beings and dogs. They then drag them back into the woods. Deep into the woods, there is a pit where they drag their food. The pit is around 20 feet deep and has a circumference of around 50 feet. The bottom of the pit is filled with mangled body parts of human beings and animals. Some of them are half eaten.

Also, beyond the pit is a small hill whereupon the alpha creature stands and signals out instructions to the other creatures in the pit.

In this case, the hero of the story had just followed a smaller creature into the woods. He was observing all this from the top of the pit hidden by the back of a tree.


If you like action, If you like being a Hero,If you like fighting strange mythical type of terrifying creatures that can destroy the human race, Then you found the right book called Jake Shepard – The Deadliest Threat . You can find it at


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I am a part time gamer ,married,and a newbie writer. also this is my first real blog. If you want to know something about me just ask.

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