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Bear-like Creature Physical description The creature looks like a bear, but unlike a bear, it has front limbs that resemble huge arms and end in huge bear like paws that have big black claws. For h…

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Bear-like Creature

Physical description

  • The creature looks like a bear, but unlike a bear, it has front limbs that resemble huge arms and end in huge bear like paws that have big black claws. For hind limbs, the creature has bear-like hind limbs which enable the creature to stand up like a bear would.
  • On the back of the creature, the creature is covered in skin that looks rock-like, like the side of a cliff. Its back is covered from the top of the head all the way to its tail bone with the rock-like scales. The skin is gray in color. The creature also has a short tail.
  • On the front, the creature is covered with light fur all over it that is also gray in color.
  • For a head, the creature’s head resembles that of a bear. However, instead of a mouth that has a top and bottom jaw, it has three jaws. The bottom jaw is intact, while it has two additional jaws that open sideways, which gives it the ability to open up its mouth in three different ways.
  • Its mouth is filled with sharp, saw-like jagged teeth on the side as well as the bottom jaws.
  • For size, the creature is almost the size of a bear, preferably a black bear but slightly longer than it. When on its hind limbs, the creature is almost twice the height of a black bear.
  • The creature prefers to walk on all four limbs.
  • In additional to being grey in color, the creature also has camouflage abilities where it can adjust its color according to the surroundings, which makes it blend.

Alpha creature

In addition to the aforementioned creatures, there is an alpha creature. Here is its description:

  • It possesses all the physical qualities of the creature such as the color and physique. However, it is five times the size of the other creatures. Also, when it opens its mouth sideways, it is at least 3 feet wide and its mouth is also filled with sharp razor-like teeth.

Possible scenarios

The small creatures go out hunting into the suburbs and bring back any creature that they find, in this case human beings and dogs. They then drag them back into the woods. Deep into the woods, there is a pit where they drag their food. The pit is around 20 feet deep and has a circumference of around 50 feet. The bottom of the pit is filled with mangled body parts of human beings and animals. Some of them are half eaten.

Also, beyond the pit is a small hill whereupon the alpha creature stands and signals out instructions to the other creatures in the pit.

In this case, the hero of the story had just followed a smaller creature into the woods. He was observing all this from the top of the pit hidden by the back of a tree.


Snake Woman

The next creature that Jake faces is a rock snake and a snake woman. Here are some of her features:

  • His first impression of her is that she is a good looking lady. From her face, you can tell that she is young, probably in her early twenties. Her eyes are different from human eyes for she possesses snake eyes with slits for pupils. They also reflect light when light shines on them. She has human hands but on her fingers, she has long dark sharp/ pointy nails and it seems as if some black goo is dripping from the ends (venom). In order to control her, the technicians have put a sort of metal ring around her neck.
  • She has shiny skin but it’s just snake scales that are reflecting the light.
  • From her back is the tail of a huge snake. Also, unlike her front part where she is covered with shiny scales, her whole back all the way to the tail are scales that resemble rocks.
  • The human part of her body is five feet in length, while the snake part is more than ten feet long.

Background story

After Jake is swallowed by the rock snake, he loses his consciousness. When he regains it, he finds himself on a hospital table while held down by straps. Besides him is a doctor with a long needle who wants to operate on him. However, before he can do that, Jake breaks from the straps and holds him up by his neck. The assistants hit the alarm and guards come running. Before they can get to him, he asks for directions on the way out. One of the assistants tricks him to get into a room believing it’s a way out, only to find himself in a test room.

The room is mainly a glass room, except for the back part which seems like it’s made of metal and has a door on it. Through the glass, he can see around five people in the next room working on computers. Using his strength, he tries to break through the glass but bounces back for it has the same qualities as a trampoline. He then tries to unbolt the glass from the wall, but before he can finish doing that, an instructor asks for test one to get underway.

The door opens and two rocks roll in. One of them is the rock snake while the other is the snake woman. The rock snake strikes first but Jake gets out of its way just in time. However, he’s not so successful the second time as it pins him down. Before it can inflict any damage, the snake woman saves him by striking at the rock scales until the snake falls down and dies. The technicians then activate the ring and she turns rogue and starts fighting Jake. However, after a long fighting session, she manages to overcome her animal tendencies and together, they unbolt the glass wall and get into the other room.Picture 6Check it out and share with your friends.