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Silverlight Cafe June Edition is Out

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The June edition was published at 5 a.m. today, Thailand time. It features a very interesting thematic discussion on book marketing by six authors who – as was the case in the first four editions of this new author-featuring free magazine – did an amazing job. I’m quite impressed. Thanks to all!

Read the discussion at:

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Contributing authors to the marketing edition:

Angie Dokos, of Georgia, USA

angie pic
Lionel Cole, Columbus, Ohio
Ron Glick, Kalispell, Montana
Ron 011
Leenie Brown, Nova Scotia, Canada
Leenie Brown
Nia Farrell, near St. Louis, Missouri
Author Nia Farrell 300dpi
Shawn Brink, Nebraska
download (1)
Interested authors: Silverlight Cafe is a monthly magazine. Thematic discussion questions will appear in the author guidelines within five days of any given month’s publication date…

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