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My Book and Plans

I was wanting to talk a little bit about what I have i been doing with my first book.

After i wrote my book , I hired someone to go over it for me to i guess you can say edited for me. The got done a little over a week ago and i been going over it again to make some changes to try and make it better.

Once i complete the book, I will have it looked over one more time to make sure it is all good to go and then i will self-publish it on amazon and CreateSpace.

I have plans for my book, I have creatures in the story and I will write a different page describes the creatures where some sone that can draw what they look like and then make posters of the creatures and other things that has them in it ,  I was wanting to make pen with the name of my book, pins with the creatures on different pins, magnets .

Of course the book marks, cards, and I will look into a 3d printer and make some figurines of the creatures that i can either sell or do  a giveaway, maybe even a package deal.


Tell me your thought on my plans and what are some of your plans, thanks



I am a part time gamer ,married,and a newbie writer. also this is my first real blog. If you want to know something about me just ask.

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