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MasterClass Memorial Day Monday: Katharine McPhee And Trent Harmon’s 2016 Performance At The National Memorial Day Concert 


Katharine McPhee, Trent Harmon, National Memorial  Day Concert 2016

As I write this article about Katharine McPhee’s and Trent Harmon’s beautiful performances at the National Memorial Day Concert in Washington DC which aired on PBS on May 29th, I am also watching the CNN coverage of President Obama’s visit to Arlington National Cemetery. These tributes deserve your time – today and always. I am appreciative and touched and inspired by those who gave their lives to make America a better place in which to live.

I also thought that both singers were noteworthy -literally and figuratively – reminders of the immense talent produced by American Idol over the past 15 years.

Katharine was Runner-Up on Season 5 and Trent won the crown during Idol’s Season 15’s Finale last month.

Although, after 15 years, American Idol bade farewell to its viewers, the immense talent produced by this show will always be a constant reminder of the impact this show has…

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The Wicked Library




This week is a double feature, with two terrifying tales from Miracle Austin!

Last Pass:

When a man with an addiction learns a family secret, he might be in for more than he bargained for despite whether he believes or not.

Lights Out:

What if a fear of the dark is justified and the light that keeps it at bay is taken away?

About the Author:

Miracle Austin
Miracle Austin is a YA/NA Cross-Genre author; adults also enjoy her works. She’s been writing ever since first hearing Drive by the Cars in junior high. Horror/suspense are her favorite genres, but not limited to. She enjoys writing diverse flashes and short stories.

Her first novella, Doll, a story about outcast teens versus the popular mean girl in an untraditional way is available now. She’s also completed her first extremely, eclectic—requires mind to be open to the impossible—short story collection, Boundless which currently being edited.

You could say that Boundless is a gumbo of themes, some light-hearted, while others are much darker… She hopes to release it before the end of the year. She is also working stand-alone novel, Lonestar UnOrdinary Girl, a supernatural tale with comedic elements.

She resides in Texas with her family. She loves to chat it up, so feel free to contact her.

“Lingering fiction that ignites diverse mind journeys and beyond…”

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Will You Forgive or Flounder

The Reflecting Pool

Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of?


047882355_6_xlargeI think that no matter how far along you have come in life there are always some things that have stuck with you and even though you think that you have let go of it, you really haven’t.

For me to be happy in life and to really enjoy the experiences that I am blessed with every day, there is a constant letting go of perceived slights, whether big or small. Forgive it and release it from your life.

Today I am thinking about the process of how I let things go and what experiences I have to let drift into the ether, and cease to be a problem for me.

Forgiving and Letting Go

There is a freedom that comes from truly forgiving someone for hurting you. It doesn’t mean that you condone what they…

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Sale Alert for Heir to the Sundered Crown!

M.S Olney Author

From May 20th to May 28th the Ebook version of Heir to the Sundered Crown, Book 1 in the epic Sundered Crown Saga will available to buy for just 0.99p in the UK from May 20th and 0.99cents in the US from May 21st. The promotion will run for 7-days with the US sales ending on May 28th.

Delve into a #‎fantasy series that has been hailed as a cross between#‎HarryPotter and Game of Thrones, been compared to Raymond E. Feist’s “Riftwar Saga” and as the book to have renewed a person’s faith in medieval epic fantasy.

The blurb –

(Winner of Wattpad’s Write Awards 2014)

A realm torn asunder by civil war will give rise to a hero.

The Kingdom of Delfinnia is in chaos. After assassins kill the king and his family, greedy self serving men battle one…

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Revise My Book

Revise My Book

I am going to revise my book shortly but I would like your help , I have my book on amazon for free for a few days and would like you to order it and go over it and let me know what I can do to make it even better, once I have a few idea that is when I will revise my book , leave comment and give good reviews. Just try and understand this is my first book, thanks for you help and share this link to amazon.

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On Reading and Translating the World’s Stories: Catching Up with Ann Morgan


In 2012, Ann Morgan set off on a journey to read her way around the world. She documented her experience of reading books from 196 independent countries (plus one extra territory chosen by her readers) on her blog, A Year of Reading the World. Earlier this year, she published her book based on this journey, Reading the World: Confessions of a Literary Explorer (also known as The World Between Two Covers in the US).

Ann’s kept busy, from promoting Reading the World, to writing another book — her novel, Beside Myself — to continuing her effort to read books from different countries and encouraging others to do the same. Here, she talks about connecting with readers around the world, the effort to translate into English more works that deserve a wider audience, and her unique blogger-to-author experience.

chatted with Ann in February when her book, Reading the World, was released in the UK.

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