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The hunt

Then it sounded like the officer stopped running and said what is that thing and we heard another man said look at the size of it, officer miles said open fire then we heard the shots. Then officer miles said the big thing got mike with some type of large tentacle that came out of the things mouth, oh my Lord the things mouth opened so wide it pulled mike into its mouth and he fit into the creatures mouth he is gone. We heard a few more shots and screaming then nothing. Less then a minute later, we heard from the radio the sound of the creature but the thing was making the sound in the radio like it was trying to talk to us then radio went dead.

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Jake Shepard’s First Creature battle

I looked past the larger creature and saw the smaller ones just standing still watching us. The larger one leaped at me and I hit it in the head with the large branch I had and it broke the branch, all the creature did was, shook its head a bit and swung at me with such speed which are like front legs and knocked me against a tree after I hit the tree I fell to my knees and looked up and the creature opened its large mouth and this tentacle-like tongue with sharp looking spikes all over it shot out and hit me in the arm from the spikes on the tentacle like tongue, it tried to pull me toward its huge mouth but instead, I jerked free by doing that it ripped some flesh from my arm half the length of my arm and the tentacle tongue went back into the creatures mouth. I knew if I didn’t do something fast that this creature is going to kill and eat me as well, I leaped at the creature and hit it with all I had and it was enough to knock it back I then hit in again but this time, I was able to knock it into the pit, but that time I heard a noise but it wasn’t coming from the creatures, it was coming from behind me, it was people talking.

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Jake Shepard In Deadliest Threat

The gun didn’t make a loud sound it was more like a quite pop like sound of  popper that you get from firework places. One of the officers walked up to Miss lane and said we have this man. Then Miss Lane turned to me while she was walking to the car and said let’s go, I turned to the woman and said I am right behind you, you know things could have been much worse I said to Miss Lane. Then I followed Miss Lane to the car and we got in and headed our way. While we were driving, she said you handle yourself very well and I was impressed, I saw how you threw those guys like they were nothing and how their weapons didn’t do anything to you. I am glad you are on our team said Miss lane. She then asked me how this is possible, it’s a long story I said, for now, I like to keep that story to myself.


This is a small part of my story.

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Want to use poetry to engage the public? Think on… — Kate Fox News

Have recently been involved in two discussions where people were saying they wanted to use poetry to engage the public (one in research, one in disability awareness). I felt a bit mean for sounding cautionary notes. Perhaps I needed to put it with more friendly nuance as in: i) Don’t forget that poetry itself often […]

via Want to use poetry to engage the public? Think on… — Kate Fox News

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Something to think about

I think for most people think when someone dies the are going to Heaven, Some people i believe the think if you are good you will go to Heaven, But if you are not saved and accept Christ as  your savior , You are not going to Heaven, even some people that claims to be Christian’s  are not really but there actions, they don’t live by the word, i am not perfect and far from it but i do believe and accept Christ as my savior and God. I do try to follow the word, i do slip sometimes and if  I catch myself i get up and ask for forgiveness.

This is what i think , don’t get offended  on my thought, i like to know what you think.