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The way we treat others matters

Scotties Toy Box

I had someone who I really care about send me the following story.   When I read it I had tears in my eyes.   I know for a fact that the way you are treated during the day can change your mood and how you react and deal with others.  This has happened to me some years ago while dealing with the public.  I would start in a good mood, and then encounter someone who was angry or disagreeable.   Then my own mood would sour.  Often if I was in a sour mood I would encounter someone happy and upbeat and I would catch the mood and adopt it also.   Now I try to be the upbeat happy person.  I want to be the one who helps other people have a good day.   I never want to be a stumbling block that prevents anyone having a…

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What would you do if ?

For the last few nights at work, I been thinking of maybe doing a video series called  What would you do if?

But I would need to test this out this way on let say paper before I go into the video parts I would have to look around and talking to a few people that might beable to help me with either being in the video or the one filming it. But I want to try it this way. First, I will ask a few questions and get your answer to the question, and from that, it will help me know what to do when or if I decided to do the video series. So let start with a few question.

  1. What would you do if, you was in a long line waiting for your turn or buy your product you just picked up. Or ready to place your food order some place like that, if someone behind you handed you a sheet of paper with a pen and you looked at the paper, and it had the tic tac toe on the paper with an x in one of the spaces?

2. what would you do if, you are sitting down for dinner at a restaurant and a person put a nerf gun on your table and walked back to their table and sit down and started to shoot you with their nerf gun?

3. this one is a little scary but what would you do if, you are in a public bathroom sitting down and you hear a moaning sound, and you look down, and from the other stall you see someone just crawl under your stall to get to the other stall making the moaning sound?

Answer this question and be honest, what would you do?

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Wanted you to know

I wanted to share, I have started my first book a few years now, and got done with it last year but not the editing part. I want my book to be the best that I can make. Once it get to my liking and I get it publish for people to enjoy reading it, which I do believe a lot of sci-fi people will enjoy the story. That is the main reason that I wrote this book is to share something that will entertain people. That you all for reading this and I hope when I get my book out there you will enjoy it.

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A long time

I have been working on my book and thought that I had it ready. So I put it out on Amazon. But wanted to get the software called Grammarly to try out, so when I used it on my first book, I notice a lot of mistake as in grammar and other things that need to be fixed. So I have been working on making my book better, so I had to unpublish it from amazon until i get my book looking sharper then I thought it was. so if anybody already orders my book let me know so when I get it done this time around with proof that you order my book. I will send you a free paper back copy. thanks

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My Revised Book

Then I am happy to introduce to this amazing book.
By the name Mark Garrett, A dedicated writer bringing to you this intense story that will have you engaged in his first book called Jake Shepard -The Deadliest Threat. Revised 1
A story that involves an average man, Having discovered his abilities after touching a mysterious glowing ball in the woods.
And further to state he discovers a new line of deadly creatures in line to destroy or change the human race.
And then he teams up with a secret agency in fighting these creatures and tries as much as possible to stop the drastic extinction coming to mankind.
The book also covers sub-features of both suspense, action, and also a little terrifying.
Now where can you get this book?
You can get it right on amazon by clicking this link
Get your self-engaged today with this interesting story

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Advice for Writers from a Reader Who Loves to Support Writers: Guest Chris Graham (TSRA)

Hey all! Happy day! I’m so excited to introduce to you (and you to) Chris Graham aka The Story Reading Ape as a guest on the blog. Chris is a super supporter of authors and if you haven’… Source: A…

Source: Advice for Writers from a Reader Who Loves to Support Writers: Guest Chris Graham (TSRA)

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newletter 1

I like to share with all of you, I have revised my first book Jake Shepard – The Deadliest Threat You might ask, what is the book about? To make it short, It is a new type of Superhero story, but t…

Source: newletter 1

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newletter 1

I like to share with all of you, I have revised my first book Jake Shepard – The Deadliest Threat Revised 1

You might ask, what is the book about? To make it short, It is a new type of Superhero story, but the way I wrote the story, to me is a possibility even the creatures in the story.

I believe that this is a very good sci-fi action adventure book. I would love to see this book be turned into a movie, I think that this book will catch you from the start to the end of the story. You can find this book in the different place from amazon, barns and noble, even Good-read.

I Hope you at least go to my amazon page and read a little bit about the story.

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First True Story

God does answer prayer, It happened many years ago, It was winter time snow on the roads,around 10 pm, To let you all know even though it was very cold and a lot of snow, The only transportation I had was my 550 motorcycle . So that was the only way to get to work and back home at that time. I was on my way back home from work ,slowly going down a long farm land road . And I lost control and slid off the road and a little a field . I and my motorcycle fell over into the snow which was a good 6 inches. When I got my motorcycle up again, at first it would not start then every time I started it and tried to get it back on the road it just slide more into the field .after about 10 minutes trying to get my motorcycle back on the road , I was a good 10 to 20 feet from the road , everything I tried to do just made it worse. So the only think that I was able to do is put my trust and faith into God. I prayed to him to help me and a short time after that a truck came up and a man got out and walked into the field and he picked up my motorcycle up by himself and walked to the road and put it back down , he waited until I was able to start it back up and then he went further down the road and a car was off the side of the road and he stop to help them out. I thanked God for answering my pray because I know in my heart that God was the reason that man was there. At that moment I felt God in my heart.

So if people say to you how do you know God is real this is one true story that tells you he does answer prayers as long as you believe and have faith in him.